MaryJane Agency is the FIRST Ohio based...

...full service staffing agency specific to the Medical Marijuana Industry. Our premier employment service will place
qualified and pre-screened personnel for cannabis related businesses in order to provide the right candidate for the job.

What they say about us?

  • Ryan M.
    I was fortunate enough to work with Michelle as not only a client, but as a customer. Michelle was always very supportive, developed leads for the area of my interest and made me feel as if I was her only client. As her customer, Michelle was always willing to try new avenues for identifying candidates and was always very responsive to less than ideal circumstances. As either a client or customer, Michelle was always a professional, confident partner in helping to achieve my goals.
    Ryan M.
  • Phil M.
    Michelle has the customer always in sight in her business operation. We worked with her for an extended period at our company. Always professional and always offering the best solution to our business problems.  Class, professional and driven!
    Phil M.
  • Kurt W.
    We were seeking a talented website developer with extensive experience working in the medical marijuana industry. After providing MaryJane Agency with our requirements, they sourced only the candidates that were ideal for the position and geared specifically for our needs, minimizing the number of people we needed to interview. I highly recommend MaryJane Agency for all of your MMJ staffing needs as they have the right people and connections to get the job done on time and within budget.
    Kurt W.
  • Jessica J.
    Michelle was my go to person when I needed to add staff both temporary and regular. She and her team were always professional and current on legal requirements. I trusted their expertise and creative input to solve our needs. In addition, and as a result of that relationship, Michelle has become a friend. Her energy, passion and commitment is contagious. Can't help but want to work with her again!
    Jessica J.
  • Bill S.
    I am currently a client with Robin and I am very impressed with her service. She is intelligent, articulate, respectful and insightful. She has my best interests at heart when she makes recommendations or gives advice. She is honest with me explaining what an employer is looking for and coaching me on how to express myself in a way other people will understand. Robin is conscientious and hard working. I highly recommend her service for career placement and consulting.
    Bill S.

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We have included the top frequently asked questions regarding our services.

1What type of positions do you focus on?
MaryJane Agency places individuals solely related to the Cannabis Industry. These positions include, but are not limited to:
• Dispensary – Store Managers
• Grow Master & Growers
• Bud Trimmers
• Extraction Technicians
• Inventory Managers
• Administrative Personnel
• Product Manufacturers
2Where are the majority of your positions located?
We are the first Full Service Agency to be located and operated out of Ohio. This is our primary focus, but we do occasionally place individuals in other States as well.
3What are the advantages of Video Interviewing?
Video interviewing brings huge benefits to the hiring process in terms of increasing speed of hiring and flexibility as well as cost reduction. Some of the top benefits are:
• Faster access to top talent & jobs
• Reduced travel costs
• More convenient for both employers and employees
• Multi-media enriched & enhanced interview experience
4What is the time line of MMJ jobs for Ohio?
• Once the State issues all available licenses, jobs should be available between the Summer and Fall of 2018, though several companies are hiring now for key managerial roles.
• Start date depends on the position; whereas cultivation positions are available now and dispensary & testing positions will be available in between June and September of 2018
5What is MaryJane's Mission Statement?
To empower and connect through employment all those passionate about the Cannabis Industry.

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MaryJane Agency is proudly affiliated with the only State Approved Career School for Cannabis Education east of Colorado.

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